Chint Power Joined the 600W + Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance
Release time:2021-05-19
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On March 3, Shanghai Chint Power System Co., Ltd. formally joined the 600W+ photovoltaic open innovation ecological alliance and completed the 600W+ photovoltaic open innovation alliance licensing ceremony. Following the high-power development trend promoted by the alliance, the ultra-high-power module product of Chint power adaptor-250KW ultra-high-power string inverter was also born last year, and it has been further developed in coordination with the alliance.

The 600W+ Photovoltaic Open Innovation Ecological Alliance was officially announced on July 9, 2020. The alliance is jointly formed by upstream and downstream companies in the photovoltaic industry chain including silicon wafers, cells, modules, tracking brackets, inverters, materials and equipment manufacturers. The alliance members will use technological innovation as the driving force, give play to their respective industrial advantages, connect all links of the industrial chain, and jointly promote the photovoltaic industry into the next breakthrough era and promote the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.

The photovoltaic industry has entered the 6.0 era, 600W+ ultra-high power products will become the mainstream of the photovoltaic industry, and the industry's focus is gradually shifting to larger silicon wafers and higher power modules. Compared with lower power modules, the greatest value of 600W+ ultra-high power modules lies in the reduction of BOS and LCOE brought by low voltage and high string power. In the context of the industry with full price parity, the photovoltaic industry chain is constantly using technological innovation to help the industry reduce costs and increase efficiency. The 600W+ ultra-high power modules and the new technology platform for system integration are important directions for the future development of the photovoltaic industry.
The supporting enterprises in the industry chain are constantly improving and upgrading related products to adapt to high-power components. For example, the emergence of large-size solutions of 210 and above can not only increase the power of the components, but also provide more possibilities for the optimized design of the components. , 210 components from 400W to 660W are currently positioned in different market segments. Chint Power 250KW inverter is one of the most typical adaptable inverters.
The current design of the existing mainstream inverters is basically based on a 13-15A single string current design. The number of input channels is different due to the total power and the design concept, and the number of input channels varies from 18-28. In the way of adapting large-size components, each inverter manufacturer has two essential solutions: one solution is to reduce the number of input channels and increase the single string current (Itotal unchanged = I string without changing the total current). ↑×Number of serial channels↓ ). The disadvantage is that an additional fuse design will be added. Another solution is to increase the single string current without changing the number of input channels (Itotal increases ↑ = I string ↑ × the number of series channels remains unchanged). The disadvantage is that this solution will increase the capacity of the DC input at the same time and increase the cost. The Chint 250kW ultra-large string inverter has an advantageous solution, which is perfectly adapted to large-size components of 210 and above, which provides a favorable guarantee for large-size solutions!

Relying on and inheriting Chint Group's 35 years of professional power supply and power R&D and manufacturing experience, Chint Power System is an important member of the Chint Group's photovoltaic power generation industry chain. The company is committed to providing excellent performance photovoltaic inverter and energy storage converter equipment for the new energy and power industries. The products have successively passed many international authoritative certification tests such as Golden Sun, New Energy Standard, VDE4105, UL, EN, and IEC. With more than 50 core technologies, since 2015, the products have a very high market share in the North American commercial three-phase inverter market. Its photovoltaic installations exceed 20GW and energy storage installations exceed 50MWh. Projects are spread in 25 countries around the world, including China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Australia, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and Thailand.