Chint Power participated in the 16th China Solar Energy Exhibition in Jinan
Release time:2021-03-29
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From March 26th to 28th, the 2021 16th China (Jinan) Solar Energy Utilization Conference and Comprehensive Energy Exhibition will be held at Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the exhibition is "Develop green energy and promote kinetic energy conversion." Chint Power brought a new generation of 10-25KW household string inverters to the exhibition site.

Nowadays, people's pursuit of green environmental protection and smart life has promoted the development of the household solar energy market, and put forward higher requirements for photovoltaic systems: powerful and economical self-generation systems. This system should be efficient in power generation, flexible configuration and easy to install, and at the same time have an intelligent management system and reliable after-sales service. In order to further develop the market, Chint Power has launched a brand-new smart photovoltaic household product-10-25KW household string inverter for household scenarios.
SUCE exhibition introduction.

The SUCE exhibition takes integrated energy application as the core, covering solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, air energy, biomass energy, wind energy, electric energy, energy storage, smart micro-grid, green lighting, hydrogen energy and other complementary application modes of energy. A new chapter in future energy development, dedicated to making the "Solar Energy Exhibition" a world-wide highland of solar energy applications.