2021 China International Clean Energy Expo
Release time:2021-04-25
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From April 20th to 22nd, the 2021 China International Clean Energy and Comprehensive Energy Service Industry Expo with the theme of "Developing Clean Energy and Helping Carbon Neutrality" was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Pavilion). This year's exhibition is a large-scale exhibition platform integrating wind, solar, storage, hydrogen and other energies. It is a grand event that can be called a clean energy vane.

Chint Power welcomed the visitors from all over the world at the H2-2006 booth, and brought a series of photovoltaic energy storage products and application solutions to the stage, all of which made the audience enthusiastic.

Wonderful review

Ground power station string photovoltaic solution (250kW)

Chentai 250kW string photovoltaic inverter adopts excellent structural heat dissipation design and advanced software algorithms to achieve ultra-high power density. There is no derating at full power at 45 degrees Celsius, effectively avoiding inverter peak shaving. The all-aluminum body design, IP68 fan and terminal, automotive-grade protective tape and spraying enable the product to achieve IP66 and C5 high protection capabilities, and can escort the power station in various harsh environments.

At present, supporting enterprises in the industry chain are constantly improving and upgrading related products to adapt to high-power components. For example, the emergence of large-size solutions of 210 and above can not only increase the power of the components, but also provide more possibilities for the optimized design of the components. , Chint's 250kW ultra-large string inverter has an advantageous solution, which is perfectly adapted to large-size components of 210 and above, which provides a favorable guarantee for large-size solutions.

Commercial photovoltaic solution (100kW)

As the power of commercial three-phase string inverters enters the 100kW+ era, it has become a new engine for photovoltaic grid parity with its unique advantages in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, performance optimization, and later operation and maintenance. The 100kW+ series inverters launched by Chint Power can best match the inverter products of 12-inch 210mm large silicon wafer modules and provide a powerful assault weapon for the battle of photovoltaic grid parity.

  •  The highest efficiency reaches 98.8%

  • Optional string detection board and RS485/PLC communication mode

  • Support remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and software upgrade

Household photovoltaic solution (10-25kW)

Antai 10-25kW household inverters have complete protection functions, which can effectively avoid abnormal faults or accidents. IP65 and C5 protection capabilities effectively ensure that the inverter can adapt to various harsh environments. The inverter has now applied AFCI2.0 DC arc detection technology, no false alarms, no omissions, and guarantees the safety of the DC side.

Smart energy storage solution (2.5MW/5MWh)

The Chint modular energy storage system solution has the advantages of flexible grouping, convenient arrangement, reliable system, and simple operation and maintenance.

  • Adapt to energy storage batteries above 1000V, reducing the initial investment of the energy storage system.

  • The battery clusters are not connected in parallel, and are connected to the PCS one-to-one to avoid uneven current flow between clusters and reduce losses in the event of failure.

  • PCS adopts three-level topology design, has 1.1 times long-term overload operation capability, and has passed high and low voltage ride through certification. Rack-type design makes installation and replacement more flexible, and supports screenless operation mode.

  • Supports the mixed use of new and old batteries, reducing battery replacement costs.

  • Optical storage has clear property rights, easy for independent dispatch and management.

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Chint Power will help achieve the goals of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak" and further promote the development of clean energy.