Commercial Rooftop Grid-tied PV System

Commercial Rooftop Grid-tied PV System
The Commercial rooftop grid-tied PV system can also be customized to the needs of customers from 10kW to 500kW.
System Components
The Solution of 1-30kW String Inverter.
Solution Features
>String solution

1. Diversified product portfolio, flexible matching of power stations with different capacities
2. The equipment is light and handy, and the installation is quick and convenient
3. Excessive number of MPPT channels to improve power generation efficiency
4. Advanced PID solution, effectively suppressing component attenuation
5. Inverter protection level reaches IP66, C5 shell anti-corrosion ability, suitable for various harsh outdoor environments
6. The power stations are connected to the cloud management platform to centrally manage the power stations scattered in different areas
>Centralized solution

1. Inverter boost integrated solution, easy to install and debug
2. Small number of equipment, convenient operation and maintenance
3. Modular design, reducing power loss in case of failure
4. The power stations are unifiedly connected to the cloud management platform to centrally manage the power stations scattered in different areas
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Los Angeles PV Project

Location: Los Angeles, USA
Scale: 2MW
Inverter: CPS SCA60KT-DO-UL-480
Commissioned: 2018

Shanghai Minhang Commercial Rooftop Photovoltaic Project

Location: Minhang District, Shanghai
Scale: 1MW
Product: CPS SCA100KTL-DO
Grid-connected time: 2020

Poverty Alleviation Project in Keshan County, Qiqihar, Heilongjiang

Location: Keshan County, Heilongjiang
Scale: 6.3MW
Product: CPS SCA50KTL-DO
Electricity generation:> 10 million kWh/year
The lowest temperature: ≤ -35℃

Hebei Xuanhua Photovoltaic Power Station Project

Location: Xuanhua, Hebei
Scale: 60MW
Installation site: abandoned mine pits and hills

Shanxi Binxian 24.4MW Rooftop PV Project

Location: Binxian, Shanxi, China 

Scale: 24.4MW 


Power generation: > 40 million kWh/year

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